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Panipat - Abdali Introduction

Ahmad Shah Abdali's introduction was a crucial point in PANIPAT. He was introduced with an action scene in his palace.

I wanted the cinematography design to have an element of suspense and concealment. So I decided to light up the courtroom with lot of 'Darkness'. The design consisted of pools of sunlight falling into the courtroom floor. I imagined a roof lined up with stained glass windows and light filtering through them. We managed to create these pools of light shafts with a series of 6K HMIs and 4'x4' mirrors. The roof with windows was later created in post.

Enhancing the golden throne where Abdali is seated was another important aspect of the design. This was achieved by enhancing the light from the fireplace in the centre of the courtroom. The combination of fire and cold sunlight matched perfectly with the overall colour scheme for Abdali.

Team -

2nd Unit - Ramani,

1st Ac - Baikunth,

Focus - Satish,

2nd Ac - Vijay,

Gaffer - Laxman (Light & Light)

Clourist - Makarand Surte (Red Chillies)

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